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Are you allowed to take pictures?

Yes. There are a few areas where you're not allowed but they put up large signs on those areas.

Is this area in downtown Montreal ???

Technically it's in old Montreal,or the old port

Can I buy tickets at the door

Just to visit, yes without any problem. If you want to see the show (Aura) you can also technically get the tickets there, but they're usually sold out for the same day. I would recommend getting them online or at the ticket office one or two days before.

How long did it take to build

Around 19 years for most of it including the 2 towers to be built

What are hours open

from 8am to 4pm, the open hour may be changed up to the schedule of the church. Please check more information on the website.

What is the cost of entry?

You must pay 8 Canadian dollars, but if you want to attend the Mass, you do not pay. I know that on Sundays there is Mass at 11:30 and organ and choir. And during the week there is also, but I'm not sure the hours.

Had a good time taking pictures

It is very beautiful

Is it free to visit?

The church itself is but to visit the Aura show it is 25.00 and at night.

What time do you open till on sunday?

8h AM

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